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We are proud to introduce TeamConnect

Communication & Mobile Management Solutions

TeamConnect is a unique application that solves business communication needs including instant voice communication, GPS worker location and unique status updates. Companies using TeamConnect enhance worker performance, improve job productivity, and reach business colleagues when and where they need to.

TeamConnect conveniently works on Motorola MOTOTRBO two-way radios and personal smartphones & tablets.

TeamConnect eliminates unproductive communication attempts and streamlines workplace efficiency.

Check out everything TeamConnect has to offer in the short video below.

Connect With Your Team

Use TeamConnect for instant communication between managers, administrators, drivers and Work Team Coordinators. Reach everyone both on site and off, with the single press of a button.

TeamConnect works on Motorola MOTOTRBO two-way radios, personal smartphones and tablets. Service and device interoperability offer mobile workers wide-area radio coverage. Managers and administrators stay connected with personal smart devices.

Metro Area Radio Coverage

Utilizing the largest, private push-to-talk, two-way radio network in the U.S., pdvWireless is dedicated to transforming the way mobile businesses communicate with their workforce.

Philadelphia Wide Area Coverage Map

Baltimore/Washington D.C. Wide Area Coverage

Smart Device Coverage Anywhere

Need to reach your drivers off campus? No problem. Want to speak with your managers using radios or smartphones? We've got you covered!

The TeamConnect app allows you to communicate to any device, from any device, at any time.

Not only can your mobile device connect to other users with the app, but also to any member of your team using our Motorola two-way radios. And of course, your smart device coverage is national!

TeamConnect also works on any smart device providing options for non-mobile workers and managers.

TeamConnect Hub - A Dispatch Control Center

Using push-to-talk communications, Work Team Coordinators and supervisors can conveniently speak with their team directly from the TeamConnect Hub communications console.

Mobile employees using two-way radios, smartphones and tablets can also be located directly from a map.

TeamConnect Hub supports multiple talk groups and multiple Work Team Coordinators who can select private or group call.

One Work Team Coordinator can simultaneously monitor all worker communications.

Discover TeamConnect

Below are some of the ways that TeamConnect can benefit you and your team!


Instant Voice Communication
– No Wait!

Reach individuals and teams with one button, push-to-talk communications that are reliable, instant and secure! Avoid delays and connect fast.


GPS Workforce Tracking
- More Jobs

Never wonder where your teams are again. With GPS Tracking you know where they’ve been, where they are now, and who is closest to the job that just came across your desk.


Instant Updates
– Less Paperwork

Reduce inbound calls and eliminate time consuming paperwork with one-button updates (Clock-In/Out, Job Complete and more). Improve efficiency and reduce costs.