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County Partners With Motorola and
'Maryland First' for 9-1-1 System

Photo: MOTOROLA CECIL COUNTY PARTNERSHIP: County Executive Alan McCarthy finalized an agreement with Motorola Solutions this afternoon to purchase over 1300 mobile and portable radios that will allow all County services to operate on the statewide Maryland First Responder Radio System Team 700 MHz radio system.

Front row: (l. to r.): Shelly Tillinghast, V.P. Delmarva Communications Inc.; Dee Freeman, Motorola Sr. Account Manager; Michael Leonard, Motorola V.P. Mid-Atlantic; County Executive Alan McCarthy; Rebecca Anderson, Budget Manager

Back row: (l. to r.): Jeff Tillinghast, Pres. Delmarva Communications Inc.; Bruce Fryer, Motorola Strategic Projects Sales Manager; Al Wein, Director of Administration; Chief Richard Brooks, Director of Department of Emergency Services

ELKTON, MD. – County Executive Alan McCarthy met with representatives from Motorola Solutions this afternoon to finalize the agreement to purchase over 1300 mobile and portable radios that will allow all County services to operate seamlessly on the statewide Maryland First Responder Radio System Team 700 MHz radio system.

The new technology will replace Cecil County’s 12-year-old radio system that has extended beyond its life expectancy. The Motorola radios will support the operation of the Cecil County Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies, the Cecil County Department of Emergency Services and the volunteer fire services in the county, as well as all public works, transit, health department and public school operations.

Cecil County has been working to replace the legacy system for the past three years. After investigating the purchase of a new system, the County decided it was more fiscally responsible to operate on the State’s system. ‘Maryland First’ is already supporting state agencies in the county and will be enhanced to ensure the first responders and county workers are in constant contact with one another. The state system is a fully interoperable system that will allow Cecil County personnel to communicate with their partners from other state agencies and our surrounding counties.

“Motorola Solutions is proud to partner with Cecil County to provide the first responders of the County with a next generation, state-of-the-art mission critical communications system. Having reliable portable and mobile radios in the hands of Cecil County’s first responders provides improved interoperability and a higher level of safety,” stated Bruce Fryer, Strategic Projects Area Sales Manager.

The $8.85M contract includes not only radios for the subscribers to the system, but upgrades to the primary and back-up 9-1-1 centers, and enhancements to the radio tower sites around the county. Once complete, the system will insure that our first responders and all county workers have the improved coverage and reliable radios to keep them safe and provide the coordination they require.

“After reviewing all of the options, we selected Motorola Solutions to ensure that the system operates seamlessly and efficiently and provides our responders with the best available and most reliable technology to assist in serving our citizens,” said McCarthy. “We are pleased to be partnering with Motorola and the ‘Maryland First’ radio communications.”

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